Novel Nostalgia is…

A podcast where two best friends, Rachel and Nova, revisit all of their favorite stories from their childhoods.

Join us as we go through this journey of all the books that leave us feeling nostalgic!

Nova met Rachel in 2019 on Twitter when Rachel was trying to find a cabin for Camp NaNoWriMo. Neither of them is the person to leave the other on read, so here they are, now best friends.


Favorite Childhood Book: Warriors & Phantom Stallion

Favorite Book Now: The Scorpio Races & Watership Down

Favorite Author: Maggie Stiefvater

Nova is an avid reader, a product of a family that reads ALL the time.  Literally. Her family is filled with people that bring books to social events.  Starting her stories young, by kindergarten, Nova was reading well into a second-grade level. By the time she hit middle school, she was devouring books faster than her parents could buy her more. By eighth grade, Nova was racing another student to meet excessively high Accelerated Reader goals. They were in the 100 to 200 point range while most of their peers only had goals of 20 points. She would often get in trouble for staying up underneath the covers with a flashlight reading, determined to beat the other student. While she reads more adult fiction now, Nova loves to dive back into these middle-grade stories from her past. They just hit different no matter how old you are.  She’s finally getting through the rest of the Warriors series! Nova has now published 2 books of her own with more in the works.


Favorite Childhood Book: Warriors

Favorite Book Now: From Blood and Ash & A Court of Thornes and Roses

Favorite Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Rachel fell in love with reading when she hit second grade and from then on, read everything she could get her hands on. When she ran out of books she can get a hold of, she started to write her own.

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